Sunday, August 12, 2007

"How's the weather?" In control.

We all know that the Singaporean government practises social engineering on a massive scale through its subtle propaganda, baby bonus schemes and other nefarious non-detectable devices. But little did I know, it also controls the weather.

Last Thursday was National Day here - I dislike nationalism as I believe in a Global Community - high ideals, I know, from a priviledged upbringing. But the red & white flags hanging on many HDB balconies testified to the pride of this nation (or at least not wanting to be seen not to have pride).

Around 5am, there was a horrendous downpour seemingly out of nowhere. I'd previously checked the forecast and a sunny day seemed in the offering. Nevertheless, it was one of those tropical downpours that came and went quickly.

Then another one at 7am and the rest of the day seemed to promise grey and cool skies.

Our afternoon sunbathing at Sentosa didn't didn't look good.

I find out later from Ralf (the local I'm dating) that the government induce rain before any big parades. It has never rained on any official parade (National Day, Chingay, etc.) in Singapore. Always before, sometimes after, but never during. The cool and cloudy weather also make it comfortable for the crowd to sit and watch the parade - no fainting in harsh sunny climates.

How...modern - and a little bit scary. But practical, yes, dreadfully so.

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