Friday, September 21, 2007

The Statistician

My colleague, TC, is a dour looking statistician. He's quite tall, just over 6ft, with a boyish soft flat-top haircut and glasses. He looks about 40, which is probably accurate, but the boyish haircut just makes him look so academic-young-lecturer.

He's got a really cheeky sense of humour that no one notices underneath the quiet exterior. But I work with him quite closely and I get little peeks into this lighter side of him. We've both been on a leadership course at work; lots of sharing of thoughts, activities and other soft-skill activities. One of the 'penalties' for being late back from breaks is the 'ZOOM'. This is when the late person has to trace the word 'ZOOM' with his butt facing the audience.

Yesterday someone was late and the facilitator asked us, "Should we make him do the ZOOM? Or shall we let him off?"

TC, in a loud but directionless voice boomed quietly, "No!" If I weren't sitting next to him I wouldn't have known that the loudest "No" came from him. The hapless late-person traced out the ZOOM and sat down.

"Next time," warned the facilitator, "We'll make you do a longer word, like 'elephant'."

"Hippopotamus," ventured TC quietly. He was obviously tickled by this embarressing show and wanted to see more.

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