Monday, February 11, 2008

Premium Fat

Ralf and I sat at a mediocre-to-bad Japanese restaurant discussing the taste of the ludicrously expensive toro (belly tuna) we'd ordered. Our first time with this delicacy, I enjoyed the melting fat and the savoury protein.

We're eating Japanese on account of my "massive weight gain" over the Christmas break. It's supposed to be lighter and healthier, although deep-fried soft-shell crab and tempura aren't exactly Friends of the Waistline. We're munching away and I recoil at the greasiness of the crab - it's a mediocre-to-bad Japanese restaurant, remember. I complain to Ralf about how I'm despondent at my fat and he comforts me.

"Your fat is not the bad one. It's the good one."

I reply, "Where got good fat-wan? Fat is all bad, wat."

"No, your fat is the high quality one, mah. Premium Fat, hor?"

"Premium fat?? What is this Premium fat?"

"Premium fat like the tuna belly, lor. $80 for five pieces, must be premium mah."

I'm entirely amused by the concept of Premium Fat, for I possess it and I'm eating it at the same time. My fat is treasure, it's premium; like special issue bonds. Now if only I could sell it.

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