Friday, April 6, 2007

First time back on Australian soil

Sydney airport 17-Feb-07

It's been over a year since I've set foot in Australia. My first meal at Sydney airport whilst in transit to Wellington is:

Wagamama Yakisoba.

Can you believe it? A globally exported English pseudo-Japanese chain.

But I just can't face Eagle Boys' Pizza or a greasy toasted sandwich. My head and heart may be Western, but my stomach is still profoundly in the East.

A huddle of Asiana (Korean) stewardesses, distinctly not flight attendents, gather warbling over a stand of Mei Mei baby lotion. They look sleek and elegant in their immaculately tailored uniforms. Their distinctive hats have a cute little tail-fin which only adds to their bird-like appearance.

The tail gives every head movement agile grace. They buy so many bottles of this lotion that I figure it must be good. It's made from almond oil exclusively, so it smells nice. I figure what's good for Korean skin is good for Popo.

They leave the display a little worse for wear with fallen boxes akimbo.

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