Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Night Rush

Shops close at 930pm most nights in Sg. In effect, this creates a second rush hour as shoppers and retail workers go home. You'd think this would mean there would be extra buses to cope with the load; but no, it's still officially 'off peak'. The buses get so packed that the drivers can't let anyone on. Once I waited 20 mins whilst three full-to-the-brim double length buses drove past without stopping. Sometimes the driver 'kindly' lets us squeeze on, cramming ourselves on the no-standing steps, whilst dodging the door closing sensors.

Taxis, of course, now never pick up off the street. Every single one is on call for the most convenient and profitable fare.

I'm lucky tonight. The first bus is only just full. No one is standing on the steps yet. Phew.

Of course everyone shuffles the smallest amount possible to make room for more passengers. I think there's a secret selfish thought that "If the driver thinks the bus is too full, then it won't stop at all the stops and I'll get home earlier." I know this because I've thought this myself. But of course I'm ever the courteous passenger.

Today's bus driver is fond of tailgating - something not entirely appropriate on a bus full of standing passengers. Already I've had one poor soul fall into me from a sudden stop. But we're on the highway now. I'm thinking about what I can get from the food court for dinner.

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